Maturity Card Game

Discover how to increase your productivity by 10, while playing a game that will both identify your organization’s current maturity level and come up with potential solutions to raise it. All that in a fun and engaging two-hours card game.

Why and How to Play?

Based on the KMM (Kanban Maturity Model), the card game helps companies or specific areas to identify their current maturity level and at same time create a list of prioritized actions to evolve this maturity and increase productivity.

In a two hours game and with up to eight players, you will bring visibility to the problems root causes while generating commitment to a defined and prioritized action plan.

Schedule a match with one of our agilists

Have an experienced agilist to facilitate the game and lead the team to bring visibility to problems and their root causes as well as identify the maturity level correctly in order to produce a well defined and prioritized action plan.

About the Kanban Maturity Model

The KMM is a guide that connects cultural values and management practices within the current context of the company. It was based on data collections, experience reports, case studies in large, medium and small companies, prepared by David J. Anderson and Teodora Bosheva, both from Kanban University.

This version of the Maturity Card Game was based on KMM practices. See in more detail each of the references that will support the understanding of the game, maturity level and action plan.

Companies that have achieved results with the Maturity Card Game - KMM edition

“It was surprisingly helpful! It was great because it doesn’t require any previous study. After the game, we got very pointed next steps “how-tos” fully based on a precise diagnosis of our team and context.”

Alexandre Ferrari

Tração Online
“Very cool dynamics! In a relaxed time, we were able to comprehensively visualize how the other departments are doing in terms of agile management”


Mercosul Line
“It’s an interesting game, the team plays and wants to win while reflecting on problems and challenges from the Kanban perspective.”

Diego Aniceto

Business Agility Center – BTG