Choose one of the options below and start raising your organization maturity. KMM Plus access not included on price. 

US$ 50,00

Play Online

Access how many times you want during 30 days  after first access.

Play online and multiple times.

Conect yourself remotely.

Full access on previous reports.

Full access to monthly updates.

KMM Plus access not included on price

US$ 400,00

Full year online access!

Access how many times you want during 1 full year after first access 

All monthly benefits +

More time to share benefits and evolution.

One time payment.

Access to exclusive email for improvement sugestions

US$ 60,00/un

Buy the Physical Deck

Play the fun and interactive physical version and make your dynamic amazing.

Awesome interactions.

Excelent for team dynamics.

All rules on cards inside the deck.

Fun and easy to play.

US$ 2000,00

8hrs consultancy

Sometimes we just need some help, and Objective is here to provide this to you.

This package you have a full 8hrs consultancy, split in 4hrs of Assessment with Maturity Card and 4hrs of support with our team of specialists.

All report and the step-by-step will remain with you and we will help to create your improvement backlog.